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Over 80% of our customers return and recommend us
We respond to a request in 8 hours and launch the projects in max 72 hours

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Explore the many areas in which we can
contribute to the success of your organization
by facilitating a deeper understanding of people.




  • U&A: Use and Attitudes
  • Segmentation and Profiling
  • NPS and Satisfaction
  • CDJ: the stages of the
    buying process
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  • Brand Image and Positioning
  • Concept Evaluation and Testing
  • Brand loyalty
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  • Product design studies
  • Concept development and testing
  • Taste assessment and testing
  • Pricing studies
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  • Consumer insight
  • Measurement of communication
    programs impact – pre-post
    campaign studies
  • Advertising/campaign/
    / concept testing
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“A lot of time, people don’t know what they want
until you show it to them.”


consumer studies

What is the use of a study like this?

The structure and design of the study are meant to measure the strengths and weaknesses of the brands involved in the competition, the levels of use, their distribution on the market and to facilitate the realization of a real profile of both your customers and the customers of the competition.

Usage and Attitude Studies are a vital tool through which you develop your sales plan at an optimal level.

Reference Marketing Questions:

  1. What are the determining factors that underlie the choice of products?
  2. What elements contribute to the increase of the sales level?
  3. How do consumers feel about the products?
  4. What is the use of the product?


Romanians TODAY

For the Usage and Attitude Studies – Romanians TODAY helps you understand how certain features become more important for your segment in the current context.

What is the use of a study like this?

Segmentation research studies establish similarities and distinct elements within the target groups and identify the reasons consumers have when purchasing a particular brand. The segments thus established include buyers who have a lot in common with each other, but who are, at the same time, extremely different from those in the other segments.

The selection and profiling of target segments is done in a way that helps our customers understand the best way to promote their product.

Fundamental marketing

  1. What are the market segments?
  2. What is the size of each segment?
  3. What are the characteristic elements of the consumers of each segment?
  4. Which of the segments identifies with the range of products that my company offers?
  5. Which of the segments is the most profitable?
  6. What is the target segment I should target?


What is the use of a study like this?

On the list of the main objectives of each company is, without exception, the attempt to maintain the highest possible degree of customer satisfaction. When the customer is satisfied with the services and products offered by your company, he becomes more loyal and your company’s sales increase.

Our analysts are at your disposal to help you measure accurately and improve the satisfaction level of your customers. The models we practice are similar to the VOICE and Savitz Customer Retention models and the methods we recommend help you get increased loyalty, indicating the characteristics you need to change in order to achieve this loyalty.

Reference Marketing Questions:

  1. What is the size of each segment?
  2. What are the characteristic elements of the consumers of each segment?
  3. Which of the segments folds on the range of products that my company offers?
  4. Which of the segments is the most profitable?
  5. What is the target segment I should target?


What is the use of a study like this?

It is wise and important to analyze the interests of your customers and, based on them, to guide them in the purchase journey.

This process achieves optimal performance when you know exactly each motivation behind the purchase process and when you develop a Consumer Decision Journey.

Reference marketing questions:

  1. What steps does the buyer take when purchasing a product from a certain category?
  2. What are the media from which they are informed and what are the main “influencers”?
  3. What specific elements and moments are included in the acquisition stage in which consumers interact with the brand and how can you identify them?
  4. What obstacles and motivations are included and specific to each acquisition phase?

What is the use of a study like this?

The mysterious customer is a study tool used to measure the quality of retail services or to provide specific information and details about products and services.

Mysterious shoppers disguised as regular customers have certain well-defined tasks – such as purchasing a certain product, asking certain questions, filing complaints or adopting certain behavior – and then providing detailed reports on their experiences.

Reference marketing questions:

  1. What attitude and behavior does the employee adopt towards the client?
  2. Do employees live up to the standards imposed by the brand they represent?
  3. Is their conduct consistent with the general behavior promoted within the company?
  4. Are the location/services/employees according to the level of quality and image that the company wants to display?
  5. What is the level of professionalism observed among your employees?

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is
- it is what consumers tell each other it is.”



What is the use of a study like this?

The perception that your customers have about your product or company is fundamental to your success. Image and positioning studies are designed to help you discover and understand perceptions about your product or brand. As such, the results help you make adjustments and changes to your marketing plans.

Find out how consumers perceive you and what messages you should send about your product. You know how to communicate correctly to your target audience and increase your engagement with consumers. You know the vulnerabilities of your competitors and thus attract new customers.

Reference marketing questions:

  1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of my brand?
  2. What about the competition?
  3. What is consumers’ perception of my brand?
  4. How does it differ from the competition?
  5. How do the clients of the competition see me?
  6. What are the key advantages of my brand? What about the competition?
  7. Do I promote the right package of benefits for the right people?
  8. If I resort to promoting other benefits, can I target my product to other markets?
  9. Is the marketing mix I use consistent?

What is the use of a study like this?

Concept testing is an extremely effective tool with which new product ideas can be evaluated at a very early stage, thus finding out the consumer’s opinion before starting production costs. The costs of manufacturing a new product, especially in the case of prototypes, can be extremely high.

Therefore, the first step a company should take before starting costs is to test the concept by buyers to understand its potential and thus find out if any design changes are needed.

Reference marketing questions:

  1. Is my concept viable?
  2. How to optimize and what improvements should I make before starting production?
  3. Which products have the greatest potential?
  4. What are the most important benefits of my product?


What is the use of a study like this?

One of the most important elements of a solid company is without a doubt the brand name. This type of study measures the value of a brand.

The brand equity study is a real help when you build your brand; or, if it is already a strong brand, the research can tell you how you can use it to its full potential, so as to generate significant increases in profit or create new products through the opportunities given by a line extension.

Reference marketing questions:

  1. How strong is my brand?
  2. Can I use my brand to introduce new product markets?
  3. Can I use my brand to introduce new product extensions?
  4. Will my brand name attract customers in other markets as well?


“Don’t find customers for your products,
find products for your customers.”

Seth Godin


What is the use of a study like this?

The design and optimization elements of the product are extremely important, as they contribute to determining the impact that the attributes of the product have on the market share. The introduction of too many attributes or benefits of the product may lead to an increase in the number of costs, while the lack of an adequate proportion of attributes may result in a low level of sales.

Determining the impact of each of your product’s attributes on market share can be done with the help of joint analysis and deviations from expected values. In addition, we can determine for you which is the best combination of benefits and attributes in order to optimize the level of sales.

Reference marketing questions:

  1. What is the optimal number of benefits that my product should have?
  2. What is the combination of attributes that would contribute to the increase of the market share?
  3. What are the benefits that should be included or added to my product?
  4. Is it possible to reduce expenses by giving up certain attributes?


What is the use of a study like this?

The main purpose of using concept development studies is to develop new products or modify existing products on the market. Following the use of ideas based on consumer feedback, we get the most productive way to develop or modify products.

The materialization of this type of study is usually done in the form of focus group sessions during which the brainstorming process takes place together with the clients.

Reference marketing questions:

  1. What are the needs of the market that are not yet covered?
  2. Are there other product ideas that fit my category? Which are these?
  3. In what ways can I improve my product?
  4. What are the market needs that my product covers?
  5. What other possible uses of my product?
  6. What other needs could be covered by a new product?

What is the use of a study like this?

It is certain that if your product does not taste good, it will certainly not have the expected success. This is why taste testing as a marketing study itself is a popular form of research (both formal and informal).

When it comes to taste, nothing can provide more accurate feedback than a survey or focus group “at the time of tasting”. In such a current study, the interviewer or moderator can get immediate feedback from the respondent about his or her taste preferences, what he or she does not like, and what improvements he or she would bring to the product.

The elaboration of a formal market research project around the respective product provides accuracy and depth down to the smallest detail in assisting the product development.

Reference marketing questions:

  1. What exactly do they like about the tested product?
  2. What do they dislike about the tested product?
  3. What are the characteristic features listed for the tested product in terms of appearance, color, texture and odor?
  4. To what extent do they like/dislike the product they have tasted?
  5. What is the probability of purchasing the tasted product?


What is the use of a study like this?

The purpose of using pricing studies is to answer a simple question: do you charge a fair price on the market? n large number of companies do not ask for a higher price in order to maximize revenue or profit. Consequently, they leave the money on the table or lose profit with each transaction.

Both errors are extremely important because they directly affect the most vulnerable point. You can avoid these errors by calling on our analysts who can provide you with the necessary tools to determine the most effective pricing strategy for the product you want to market. This way you will know for sure if there is room to increase the price, without sacrificing anything from the market share.

Reference marketing questions:

  1. What is the price/volume ratio for my product?
  2. At what level can I maximize revenue?
  3. Is it realistic and can I afford to raise the price?
  4. What is the optimal price to maximize profit?
  5. Will the price increase come with the price of sacrificing market share?


“Good advertising is
a dialog with people..”

Seth Godin


What is the benefit of a study like this?

Analyzing human behaviors helps you truly understand what your consumers want and need and, most importantly, why they feel that way. They generate insights based on which you can build ads and communication campaigns.

Întrebări de marketing
de referință:

  1. Care sunt acţiunile de marketing care ar genera engangement în rândul targetului meu?
  2. Cum pot să adresez mai bine nevoile clienţilor prin acţiunile de
    comunicare ale brandului?
  3. Cum pot să personalizez o campanie generală către un anumit segment de consumatori?


What is the benefit of a study like this?

Pre-post studies help you see clearly the impact of an advertisement in terms of increasing notoriety, changing brand perception, memorability but also changing purchasing behaviors.

Reference marketing question:

  1. How is the brand perceived before the campaign? What has changed since the campaign?
  2. What do they remember about your ad?
  3. How many knew the brand before? How many found out about it because of the commercial?


What is the benefit of a study like this?

Testing studies validate/invalidate communication concepts and identify ways to improve advertising so that you can make informed decisions.

Reference Marketing Questions:

  1. Is the ad suitable for my target, do I feel that it is addressed to them?
  2. Do consumers understand the message? How do you decode it?
  3. What do they like/dislike and why?
  4. What are the associated emotions and states?


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