quantitative research firme cercetare piate bucuresti reveal marketing research

Systematic manner of investigating the quantitative properties and phenomena of the market and their relationships. Generally, it is used to draw conclusions – tests a specific hypothesis. Reveal generally uses random sampling techniques so as to infer from the sample to the population.


The advantage of using quantitative research consists in the fact that measuring the market phenomena; identifying the priorities for products and services among the total client base; establishing differences in the segment or groups of clients, lead to finding the best strategies for developing your business.

Reveal uses the omnibus method, providing various types of omnibus studies that may differ by:

  • data collection mode (face-to-face or telephone interviewing)
  • type of respondents (panel or representative sample)
  • frequency

The techniques mostly used by Reveal are:

  • multiple regression
  • cluster analysis
  • factor analysis
  • perceptual mapping
  • structural equation modeling
  • data mining

Coding and statistical analysis are completed using the latest technology and software solutions.