Voice of the market

Voice of the market

Voice of the market is a fully customized research solution developed by Reveal Marketing Research to analyze the product-customers direct interaction, the visual factors and actions that stimulate consumer’s decision in buying a certain product, all being placed in a competitive environment.

The study aims to identify the effectiveness of marketing measures for the return on investment. We consider here all the actions both the clients and its competitors are taking at the POS, as well as to draw solid conclusions about the product distribution at POS, whether there are qualitative or quantitative aspects.

Marketing questions?

  • Are our products visible comparing to those of the competition?
  • What are the marketing measures the competition is currently taking?
  • How is competition building its customers?
  • Are all my products available at the POS?
  • Are there any mistakes in product/promotional materials distribution and display?
  • Are my promotional materials up-to-date?
  • Are my own products clearly delimited from those of the competition?
  • Are the merchandising regulations observed?
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